“Long Yu, China’s Herbert von Karajan, (is) the most powerful figure in China’s classical music scene.”


​– The New York Times

"A superpower of China’s burgeoning music world."

– Washington Post


September 8, 2020

Beijing Music Festival announced their 2020 festival today with the theme, "The Music Must Go On." Long Yu stressed the importance of buying copyrights for all 240 hours of music this year stating, “Copyrights are an important aspect for musicians’ survival, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when most concerts are taking place online. We need to pay respect to these great artists who still overcome many difficulties and work hard in order to continue to perform for music lovers. One of the most important ways we can help is to raise copyright awareness and to pay respects through it. BMF strives to lead the standardization of copyright use in China’s music market. This provides all audiences with the highest quality of authentic music and sends a message that China has made a very important contribution to the protection of intellectual property rights.”

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June 5, 2020

Maestro Yu conducted his first concert tonight since the shuttering of concerts due to the pandemic. The program, performed by the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, included Chinese works such as "Wuhan" by Fang Shi and Chinese Heart by Ding Xiaoli. Read more here.